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In order for us to find out from your pension provider the current transfer value of your pension, you will need to let us have an original Letter of Authority signed by you which will allow your Pension Provider(s) to provide us with this information.

The Letter should be in the following format:

Your Name
Your Address


Existing scheme provider

Dear Sir

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
NI Number:
Reference No:

I am considering possibly transferring my pension benefits held with you to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme.

In this connection, I should be grateful if you would take this letter as my authority to release any information concerning my existing scheme to Gresham Street Partners.  Please also provide them with all documentation that you will require me to sign and a list of all documents that I need to provide in order to allow the transfer to a QROPS to proceed.

Yours faithfully,

[Sign here]

Your Name

The hard copy of the letter (one for each of your pensions) should be sent to Belinda Nassif at 49 Broughton Road, London SW6 2LE, United Kingdom.

Once we have received the original(s) we will then be able to follow-up on your behalf.

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