Pension Transfers

If you have a UK pension as a result of previous employment in Britain, you may wish to export it from under the British taxation umbrella. You may feel your own investment decisions are more suitable for yourself. You may feel you can do a better job. You probably feel opposed to the appalling annuity rates that apply for UK pensions. Or perhaps you are just concerned about the increasing pension ‘Black Holes’ that surround so many Final Salary schemes in UK. Until QROPS was invented in 2006 there was really no such thing as an offshore pension.QROPS & QNUPS have completely revolutionarised offshore tax-efficient wealth creation.

Transferring Assets Abroad

A QNUPS transfers investment assets abroad. Not owner-Occupied residential property; property must be let investment. But by creating Offshore trusts in jurisdictions such as Guernsey and Malta, investment portfolios can become hugely tax-efficient. Build-up your UK wealth offshore & tax-free in an HMRC devised, designed & regulated QNUPS. Open to UK Dom/Res’ & non-Doms alike. These are not quasi- tax schemes which are currently subject to Treasury scrutiny. QNUPS are HMRC devised, designed, recognised and fully approved. This is legal, HMRC-designed and approved tax Deferment

Offshore Trusts

By creating a QNUPS offshore trust legal tax deferment can be immediately achieved. Offshore trusts stimulate UK tax-free wealth creation .The ever-decreasing UK pension limits are circumvented. QNUPS trusts are open to UK Res’ & Non UK residents enabling the avoidance of CGT on property sales, outside the scope of future Mansion Tax & with decreased Income Tax on rental income. Place your assets & your pensions outside Inheritance Tax.

Moving Overseas

Are you planning to go abroad? Maybe you are planning retirement in sunnier climes. Or perhaps you have just been sent on your first Overseas posting? Or you are just returning to your home country of birth having done your stint in the City of London. Either way, it is essential you look at the implications of leaving your pension behind in Britain as opposed to the benefits of transferring abroad

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