Pension Transfers

If you have a UK pension as a result of previous employment in Britain, you may wish to export it from under the British…


Transferring Assets Abroad

A QNUPS transfers investment assets abroad. Not owner-Occupied residential…


How to legally benefit from the new HMRC opportunities


Recent Tax changes on Buy-To-Let Properties


Further to all the recent changes surrounding the Buy-To-Let investment property market, listed here are the recent tax changes that are going to have such a major impact on Buy-To-Let landlords.  Read here about the appalling effects of Osborne’s atrocious attack on Property Investors.


Tax Planning through a Limited Liability Partnership Structure


For those who have an existing property portfolio where properties are pregnant with Capital Gains and who are at the same time concerned about paying top rate tax on rental income, please see here how we can effectively mitigate both of these punitive charges.


Property LLP Questionnaire


To help you solve your tax planning through an LLP structure, we provide a totally free service.  Please complete the very simple two-page property questionnaire about yourself and your properties.  We will then be able to send you a bespoke 5-page analysis summary of all the taxes that are involved, the benefits and the gains arising.  Please also see here an example of both the questionnaire and a genuine case study.


Moving Overseas

Are you planning to go abroad? Maybe you are planning retirement in sunnier climes. Or perhaps you have just been…


Offshore Trusts

By creating a QNUPS offshore trust legal tax deferment can be immediately achieved. Offshore trusts stimulate UK tax-free wealth creation…


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