Pension Transfers

If you have a UK pension as a result of previous employment in Britain, you may wish to export it from under the British…


Transferring Assets Abroad

A QNUPS transfers investment assets abroad. Not owner-Occupied residential…


How to legally benefit from the new HMRC opportunities


I wanted to update you on various developments both from HMRC, the Trust standpoint and also the position of Gresham Street Partners which occurred over the summer and latter months of 2015. There have been considerable developments on personal estate planning, in particular on the availability of Offshore Trust structures that we currently facilitate through Guernsey and Malta.


Turning to the relevant changes arising since last year’s two ‘Budgets’ and Autumn statement with regards INVESTMENT PROPERTY and PRIVATE COMPANY SHARES, the salient points of interest are ……




Create Tax-Free Assets outside the UK – Unlock the Potential of Offshore Trusts


Do you have investment assets or cash in Britain that you wish you could save tax on? To be able to build up the value Gross without being subjected to continued annual Tax charges?


Perhaps from your time working in the UK you have a pension which you would much rather have under your control, away from the tax ravages of HMRC? Or maybe you just want to avoid Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, high Stamp duties on Property purchases not to mention the dreaded Inheritance Tax …… well move everything Offshore.



Moving Overseas

Are you planning to go abroad? Maybe you are planning retirement in sunnier climes. Or perhaps you have just been…


Offshore Trusts

By creating a QNUPS offshore trust legal tax deferment can be immediately achieved. Offshore trusts stimulate UK tax-free wealth creation…


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