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The Destruction of UK Pensions
In case anyone had any doubts over the unsurpassed benefits of QNUPS Trusts as an additional wrapper to an individual’s retirement planning, look at the absolute necessity of the need of such a platform to give Gross Compound Roll-up to one’s investment assets over & above one’s pensions. How on earth is anyone, however wealthy you might be, expected to live from age 60 or 65 up until perhaps 90, on a pension fund of just £1Mn?! A QNUPS  is the only platform which gives gross Tax-Free roll-up to one’s investment over & above a pension, without the pension Cap & Lifetime Allowance.
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Succession Planning
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UK Lifetime Allowance Limit – What Pension Alternatives are available?
UK Lifetime Allowance Limit

Tax position of initial lump sum payments from a QNUPS (PCLS)
- 4 Apr 2014
A Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS) is in effect an offshore trust that by definition meets the criteria in the UK for a qualifying non-UK pension scheme. As an offshore trust it is subject to the tax regime for that structure and therefore is within the scope of the anti-avoidance regime applicable to such trusts, such as s720 and s731 of Income Tax Act 2007. The latter ensures that capital distributions from an offshore trust would be subject to income tax. These rules tend not to apply to QNUPS because the product is not designed to avoid tax and it utilises specific UK tax legislation. When a distribution is made from a QNUPS the anti-avoidance provisions should not apply and as such one looks at first principles which provide that capital distributions from trusts are not taxed.

The specific exemptions that apply to the PCLS of a Registered UK Pension Scheme are not in point because QNUPS are not within the scope of the registered pension scheme regime and therefore the tax charges and exemptions do not apply.

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Property Quest
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Inheritance Tax Act 2010 provisions for QNUPS from HMRC website

Given that some people have suggested that QNUPS might be vulnerable to Government interference if its privileges were widely published, I felt it important to provide evidence of its soundness & official UK Revenue approval.

Herewith therefore the provisions taken directly from the HMRC’s own website on the IHT Act 2010 enacting the Statutory relevance of the QNUPS platform which they designed themselves. Hence its legality with profound evidence of the difference between QNUPS & other unqualified trusts, which in turn might quite possibly be treated as artificial schemes. Ample evidence it should without reservation be accepted as a sound, legal platform for investment & estate planning.

100112 – Inheritance Tax Act 2010 provisions for QNUPS from HMRC website

Changes to Tax Planning Structures Company Owned Properties
121005 – Changes to Tax Planning Structures Company Owned Properties

Role of QNUPS

As reported in the Accountancy periodical
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